"We lead, Others follow" 

KNPV Dutch Shepherds


Tactical K9 Program

This page is under construction ……

We are in the process of developing a complete tactical K9 program, specifically focused on producing special operations police service dogs.

Seminars for 2018

Please note: our seminars will only be available to police officers, military personnel and select individuals.

- How to select your puppy with the correct inherent genetics

- Imprinting your puppy for detection

- Puppy bitework development

- Environmental socialization

- The use of a pipe in evaluating hunt, retrieve and possession

- Detection wall components and the correct way to reward your dog

- How to use an e-collar thru drive

- Tactical off lead obedience

- Tactical off lead bitework

- Tactical man and dog team tracking and apprehension

- Tactical FPV canine mounted camera, for building searches