"We lead, Others follow" 

KNPV Dutch Shepherds


Tactical Canine Program

We are in the process of developing a complete tactical canine program, specifically focused on producing special-operations police service dogs. Our program imprints each component separately and once there is a clear understanding of the desired objective, we bridge the components together, to form a complete exercise.

Courses for 2021


Please note: our courses are only available to police officers, military personnel and select individuals.


- How to select a puppy with the correct inherent traits;


- Imprinting a puppy for detection, article indication and man-trailing;


- Bitework development;


- Environmental socialisation;


- The correct use of a ball, to produce focused searching, retrieving and possession;


- Tactical off lead obedience;


- Tactical off lead apprehension;


- First person view (FPV) robotics, for the next generation in hunting and apprehending a suspect;


- The correct use of a canine for dynamic entries and building clearances.

Detection Imprinting


We teach our Dutchies and Mals to indicate whilst standing and remaining completely still, because it is very unnatural for them to stand and stare. Lazy dogs may sit and drop and give false indications, but they never stand and stare, whilst remaining completely still. We use food as a reward from six weeks of age to mark the desired indication; when they try different positions to receive the reward.


Here are two videos explaining why it is more important to imprint a sound indication, rather than searching for the target odor.


The Indication

The Search


This is an example of how we imprint a puppy to indicate for detection. We use a neutral odour for the imprinting stage, as well as several different distraction odours for the puppy to get accustomed to.


Note: We previously used a clicker to mark the desired indication. We now use a universal verbal marker, which releases them to receive the ball as a reward.



Here is an example of an exceptional indication.



I recommend that you have a look at the Scandinavian Working Dog Institute website and their YouTube channel for some excellent examples of scent detection. 


Article Indication

We imprint our pups to indicate on articles. This form of scent work may not be necessary when they are deployed, but it further develops their ability to use their nose, when searching. 




Here is a video of a young male, which has inherited the desirable traits to become an exceptional mantrailing police K9.



Mantrailing is an essential component, in the apprehension of a suspect. Here is a video of Brutus in action.





This is an example of how a realistic training season should look like. Notice how calm he is and how logical the training is. Luc BRN 34752 was 8 to 10 months old in the video, he is now deployed as a special operations police K9, with the German SEK.


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