"We lead, Others follow" 

KNPV Dutch Shepherds


Male and Female Relatives

Pecco (Dhr. H.G. Pegge, Hengelo Ov) BRN 100

PH I 419 CL (z.t.)
PH II 463 CL
Obj. 351+25 CL
Overijssels kampioen 1995 (433 pnt)

Geb datum: ??-??-????

Pecco Pegge was a Rudy Sommers son out of the phenominal Crista Schipper.

Here are three videos of Pecco Pegge.

Pecco 1

Pecco 2

Pecco 3

Crista (Dhr. K.L.H. Schipper, Enschede) BRN 107

PH I 417 CL
PH II 463 CL
Obj. 327 CL

Geb datum: 18.11.1987

Crista was a phenomenal female Malinois, you could only dream of owning a female like her today. Not only was she exceptionally good looking, she had an extreme combative instinct, as you can clearly see in the two videos below.

Christa was bred to Rudy Sommers to produce Pecco Pegge, a legendary dog in his own right. Many top producing KNPV Dutch Shepherds and Malinois’ have Crista in their pedigree. It is our intention to produce an inbred bloodline of females that have the looks and combative instinct that Crista possessed.

To make this possible, we were able to collect Christa's great-grandson Macho van Heeswijk, at 11.5 years of age. Not only is Macho, Christa's great-grandson, but Macho is also the grandson of Christa's full sister Mirza Kuijper. As Christa's most famous son, Pecco Pegge was bred back to his dam’s sister to produce Macho's sire Andor van Heeswijk.

Here are two videos of Crista competing in her PH II in 1991 and 1992.

Crista 1

Crista 2

Arras (Dhr. H.G. Pegge, Hengelo, Overijssel) BRN 122

PH I 433 CL
PH II 457 CL
4e Nederlands Kampioenschappen PH II 1996 (467)

Geb datum: ??-??-????

Arras Pegge was a phenomenal Dutch Shepherd. He was out Pecco Pegge x Grietje Peulken. Grietje was a Catro Jansen daughter and sister to Quatro Peulken. Quatro was also Rudie Pegge’s sire. Arras was therefore the maternal grandsire to Rudie Pegge and also the maternal grandsire of Brita I Cattier. Brita I was Indy I Doelen’s dam.

We have collected the best bred Rudie Peggie son, Rocky IV. Not only is Rocky IV a half brother-sister breeding on Quatro Peulken, he also has Arras Pegge’s dam’s bloodline in his pedigree three times. In addition, we have collected Jagger Delissen. Jagger’s maternal great-granddam, Kelly Kleinjan was Rudie Pegge’s dam and Arras Pegge’s daughter as well. Rocky IV and Jagger will enable us to line-breed on Arras’ very desirable traits.

Here are two videos of Arras competing in the PH II National Championships in 1996 where he placed 4th with 467 points.

Arras 1

Arras 2

Arras 3

Rudie (Dhr. H.G. Pegge, Hengelo Ov) BRN 3498

PH I 425 Met Lof

 PH II 455 Met Lof

 Object Bewakingshond 356 Met Lof

 3rd Place (416 pts) 2003 KNPV National Stud Dog Trials

 2nd Place 2004 National Object Championships

 3rd Place 2006 National PH II Championships

Geb datum: ??-??-????

Rudie Pegge was owned by the well known Dutch KNPV competitor and breeder Hans Pegge and was considered, one of the best up and coming KNPV trial dogs in Holland. At the 2003 National stud dog trials in Holland, Rudie out scored the 2003 KNPV II National Champion Kazan Beck (another Dutch Shepherd). Kazan was also the National KNPV I Champion. Rudie passed his KNPV I title with the score of 425 Met Lof and his KNPV II title with full points of 455 Met Lof. Rudie's half brother is the 2002 PH II National Champion Nico van Neerland.

Rudie also passed his Object title with the full 356 points. Rudie and Hans Pegge competed at the 2004 KNPV Object Guard Championships, where they came second. Rudie and Hans Pegge qualified for the 2006 KNPV PH II Championships with a score of 454 Met Lof, where they finished third. His son Tim II Groothuys KNPV PH I Met Lof, won the 2006 PH I Championship.

“Rudie was an extremely high drive dog, with a very strong will to work. He was handler hard but not handler aggressive. Rudie was also what the Dutch call a "Flyer", making him a very exciting dog to watch in the courage tests. Rudie was also considered by many to be a stud dog of the highest quality, having been bred over 100 times already.”

Here are three videos of Rudie training.

Rudie 1

Rudie 2

Rudie 3

Arko (Dhr. M. Suttle, Lewisburg, WV, USA) BRN 4618

 PH I 424 CL

Geb datum: 23-07-2003

Considered to be one of the top producing stud dogs for the KNPV program in Holland. Arko has drive, power, and courage like we have never seen in any dog and he passes these traits on to his offspring with amazing consistency.


Arko has perfect hips, back and elbows. He has a very dominant temperament, with natural aggression and is a very serious dog on and off the field. His frontal attacks are the fastest and most violent that you could imagine, his grips are punishing to the decoy, and his fight drive is extreme. He has won every hard hitting contest he has ever competed in, in the USA and in Holland! He also served as a working security dog in Holland where he hospitalized many suspects. He has an outstanding KNPV pedigree. Written by Logan Haus Kennels


Arko 1

Arko 2

Truusje (Dhr. M. Suttle, Lewisburg, WV, USA) BRN 6873

Geb datum: ??-??-????

A daughter of the world famous Rudie Pegge, and more significant she is a granddaughter of the great Bono Pegge on her mothers side. Truusje was selected for us by one of the best KNPV trainers and breeders in Holland (also our very good friend). She has an excellent KNPV pedigree, she has 100% perfect hips, back, and elbows. Truusje is a very social and super confident female. She has extreme ball and hunt drive, bites hard and full on the suit with very high flying, hard hitting violent attacks. She is a very large, powerful female with huge bone and skull structure. A son from Truusje and Arko's father Castor competed in the 2009 KNPV National Championships. The Arko x Truusje combination has been done twice in the past and it has proven to produce excellent quality, very serious police dogs. Written by Logan Haus Kennels

Macho (Dhr. P.T.G. van Heeswijk, Vianen-Cuijk) BRN 8039

PH I 433 CL
PH II 424 CL
Obj. 349 CL
Kringkampioen Oost-Brabant 2008

Geb datum: 14-06-2004

Macho is without a doubt the most impressive KNPV dog we have seen. Don’t take our word for it, see for yourself. I can assure you, they don’t breed them like Macho anymore.

I believe that Pecco Pegge's dam, Crista Schipper is the most important brood bitch in recent times. She appears in all the males we have collected and Macho is by far the most important. His sire Andor van Heeswijk was the best bred Pecco Pegge son, as Pecco Pegge was bred back to his dam's sister Mirza Kuijpers to produce Andor. This is virtually a son-mother breeding on paper. To add to that Kiki Langemaat's sister, Meta Thomassen was bred to Robbie van Weert to produce Brenda Thomassen. Brenda was then bred to Eros van Dijk to produce Macho's dam, Dirke Hurkens.

We would like to thank Peter van Heeswijk for allowing us to collect Macho.

Macho 1

Microchip No. 528210000981763

Weight: 39 kgs (86 lbs)

DNA: Parentage

Hip: X-ray

Spine: X-ray

Elbow: X-ray

KNPV PH I: Certificate

KNPV PH II: Certificate

Object Bewakingshond: Certificate

Rocky IV (Dhr. R. Kruszelnicki, Eindhoven) BRN 8883

PH I 430 Met Lof

Object Bewakingshond 336 Met Lof

Geb datum: 19-09-2005

Rocky IV is an exceptional Rudie Pegge son. He is out of a half brother-sister breeding on Rudie’s sire, Quatro Peulken. A very reputable breeder in Holland said “he is a clone of Rudie”. We have several breeding units of Rocky IV semen for sale. His bloodline will enable you to introduce the desirable traits Rudie Peggie was known for.

This is a compilation video is of Rocky IV training at 7 years of age, at the national trial PHV De DRESSEUR Valkenswaard on the 30.06.2012. Rocky IV has competed in more than 30 national trials.


Rocky IV 1

Microchip No. 941000001376463


DNA: Parentage

Hip: X-ray

Spine: X-ray

Elbow: X-ray

KNPV PH I: Certificate

KNPV PH II: Certificate

Object Bewakingshond: Certificate

Rudie II (Dhr. H.G. Pegge, Hengelo) BRN 14095

PH I 440 CL
PH II 451 CL
2e Nederlands Kampioenschappen PH I 2008
Kampioen van Overijssel PH I 2008
2e Selectie Overijssel PH II 2009
Winnaar Nationale Dekreuenwedstrijd 2009 PHV De Eendracht te Lunteren (420 ZW, tevens Beste Steller, Revierder en Afd. I)

Geb datum: 23-05-2004

Rudie II was an exceptional son of Rudie Pegge. His dam Layka Putten had a pedigree you could only dream of today. Her sire was Marco Pegge, a Pecco Pegge son. Layka's dam, Trudy Schipper was bred to two exceptional males, Marco Pegge to produce Rudie II's dam Layka Putten and Glenn I Mulder to produce Glenn II Mulder. Glenn II is also the maternal grandsire of Jagger Delissen and Indy II van Baren.

Jagger (Dhr. J. Delissen Nunhem) BRN 15420
PH I 439 CL

PH II 450 CL
Obj. 406 CL
3e Nederlands Kampioenschappen PH I 2012 (438)
Deelnemer Nederlands Kampioenschap Object 2013

Deelnemer Nederlands Kampioenschap PH II 2014, Winnaar Selectie PH II (450)

2e Nationale Lichtwedstrijd te Best 2013  (416, ZW)

Geb datum: 06-08-2008

Jagger’s grand-dam, Brita I Cattier was bred to two males, Glenn II Mulder and Bono Pegge. The Bono x Brita I combination produced Layka Pegge, who was bred to Rudie Pegge to produce Truusje Geurts. The Glenn II x Brita I combination produced Indy I van der Doelen. Indy I was then bred to the Django Sommers to produce Jagger and Indy II van Baren.

Here are 5 videos of Jagger competing in the Nationale Kampioenschappen KNPV 6 September 2014.

Jagger 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Microchip No. 528210002669084
DNA: Parentage
Hip: X-ray
Spine: X-ray
Elbow: X-ray
KNPV PH I: Certificate

KNPV PH II: Certificate
Object Bewakingshond: Certificate
KNPV PH I Championship: Certificate

KNPV PH II Championship: Certificate

Object Bewakingshond Championship: Certificate

Boris (Dhr. A. Doezé, Eindhoven) BRN 16086

In training for KNPV PH I

Geb datum: 20-02-2009

Boris is currently the most sought after Dutch Shepherd stud in the KNPV. He has produced extremely strong offspring and is also one of the most impressive KNPV dogs in training today. Boris has over the top, extreme drive levels, coupled with strong nerves and high hardness. Everyone who see's the dog knows his quality. He is too much dog for most handlers, but he brings everything to the table. Far more police dog in nature than sport dog, Boris is an "any time, any where" type of dog. Stature wise Boris is 65cms tall and weighs 40kgs. Not only is Boris a top of the food chain dog, but his whole litter was quality. His bloodlines are impressive going back to Django Sommers, Duco II Seegers and Arko Kikkert. This will give us strong line breeding potential with our current dogs as well. Thanks to Ad Doeze for helping us to collect and freeze semen from Boris. Written by Chris Jones from Kampstrieb Kennels


Here are four videos of Boris training.


Boris 1

Boris 2

Boris 3

Boris 4

Djaiko (Dhr. M. Pease, Chesapeake, VA, USA) BRN 16949
PH I 437 CL

21-04-2012 2e Geulle Troffee (419, ZW)
03-06-2012 Nominatie wedstrijd te Geulle (412, ZS, gestopt na Rijwiel oefening door Blessure)

Geb datum: 20-02-2009

Djaiko is a proven producer, with one of the top producing pedigrees in the KNPV program in Holland. Djaiko has perfect hips, back and elbows. He has an extremely dominant temperament, with natural aggression but still "clear-headed". Djaiko drive, courage, and power is something you can't explain. We have never seen it in any other dog! Djaiko's frontal attacks are fast and violent. His grip is very impressive and punishing to the decoy. During his PH I trial in 2012, Djaiko put the decoy into hospital, from a leg bite so powerful it went through the suit. Djaiko's searching, hunt, and retrieve drives are the most intense we have ever seen. He is a complete working dog, a true asset to any "work dog" breeding program. Djaiko was formerly owned by Upstate K-9 in Upstste, New York, USA and is now owned by Maynard Pease of Team Cavalier K9.

Here are two videos of Djaiko training.
Djaiko 1
Djaiko 2

Djaiko 3

Hummer (Dhr. A.L Kok, Erlecom) BRN 17137

PH I 432 CL

Geb datum: 10-03-2009

Hummer is an extremely well bred KNPV Dutch Shepherd. You could not ask for more in a pedigree. He is a son out of the legendary Django Sommers bred to the equally legendary Arko Kikkert, Suttle’s sister, Noa Huijs. Hummer is an open and social male and displays no handler aggression towards his owner. He has an exceptional nerve threshold and settles easily when not required to work. As Hummer is a ¾  brother to Boris and Djaiko he also possess the same level of courage and hardness, with extreme drive levels and combative instinct.

With his tiger/brindle markings, Hummer is a very impressive looking Dutch Shepherd. He is agile with an athletic construction and weighs 39 kgs.

Here are two videos of Hummer training.

Hummer 1

Hummer 2

Microchip No. 528210002279293

Weight: 39 kgs (86 lbs)

DNA: Parentage

Hip: X-ray

Spine: X-ray
Elbow: X-ray

KNPV PH I: Certificate

KNPV PH II: Certificate

Object Bewakingshond: Certificate

KNPV PH I: Results

Glenn (Dhr. M. van Ginkel, Lelystad) BRN 20183
PH I 440 CL
PH II 447 CL
Obj. 404 CL
Diensthond Politie Den Haag

2e Nationale lichtwedstrijd PH I te Baarn 2012 (418 zw)
Kampioen van Noord Holland PH I 2013
2e Nederlandse Kampioenschappen PH I 2013
Nederlands Kampioen Object Bewaking 2014
2e Nationale Dekreuenwedstrijd te Lunteren 2013 (419 zw, tevens beste steller en revierder)

Geb datum: 31-07-2010

Glenn is an outstanding son of Rudie II Pegge x Teake Vulpen.

Rudie II was an exceptional son out of Rudie Pegge. His dam, Layka Putten had a pedigree you could only dream of today. Her sire was Marco Pegge and her dam was Trudy Schipper. Trudy was out of Rudo Vulpen x Dino I Wessels. Dino I was out of Berry Hogeling x Sandy I Wessels.

Glenn's dam, Teake Vulpen was out of Rex Boekhorst x Coby Vulpen. Rex was out of Rudo Vulpen x Beau I ten Bos. Coby was out of Breston Massop x Ires van Veluw. Now that's what you call a pedigree.

We would like to thank Marc van Ginkel and the police officer that handles Glenn, for going out of their way to collect him for our breeding program.

Microchip No. 528246001035876

Weight: 29 kgs (63 lbs)

DNA: Parentage

Hip: X-ray

Spine: X-ray
Elbow: X-ray

KNPV PH I: Certificate

KNPV PH II: Certificate

Object Bewakingshond: Certificate

Elek (Dhr. L. Chartrand Hilo, HI, USA) BRN 21568

Geb datum: 25-10-2012

Elek is a Rico Vergossen son out of Nalu vom Logan Haus. Elek has a balanced temperament, with exceptional focus and willingness to work. He recently sired two litters and reproduced his desirable traits with consistency, to his offspring.

Elek’s sire is out of Rico Hendrikx x Tessa Hendrikx. Elek’s dam is out of Rudie II Pegge x Kira van Kamphuis. Elek's great-grandsire's are Duco II Seegers, Django Sommers, Rudie Pegge and Jari Berghorst. With a pedigree that good, no wonder Elek is an exceptional Dutch Shepherd.

Here are three videos of Elek training.

Elek 1

Elek 2
Elek 3

Elek 4

This is a video of Jara van Younghaus. She is an Elek daughter out of Gypsy. Gypsy is out of Boris x Flora. She was 7 months old in the video and has a very firm, calm grip.


There are 5 x breeding units of Elek's semen for sale in Sydney, Australia for $2000 AUD per breeding unit.

For more information, please contact Ted Young via email at ted@younghaus.com or Younghaus Working Dogs.

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