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KNPV Dutch Shepherds


Our Duco II Bloodline

Duco II (Dhr. R. Seegers, Stokkum)

BRN 60

PH I 428 CL

Geb datum: 26.05.1991

Duco II Seegers is considered by many as a legendary KNPV Malinois, the "Godfather" in many respects. Many exceptional KNPV dogs have Duco II in their pedigree. Some of his notable offspring were: Rico Hendrikx, Max Weber, Nick Verhoeven, Max Hermans, Kwinto Pekel, Rocco Roelofs, Buck Huijs, Rex Helmond, Rico Overbeek, Bico Tielen, Arno van Tricht, Rico Puts, Astor Seegers, Rino Reuvers and Beppie I Kamphuis.

Excuse my lame questions but his answers are whats important. - Chris Jones Kampfrieb Kennels South Australia.

Hi Chris.

The most important dog that you have is the dog you train with. Duco is dead. When you want to breed dogs it is important to know the bloodline.

Q1. What was Duco like with strangers that came to his house? How would he greet them?

He didn't bark, he stood up and observed. Mostly he was in his kennel. The times that he was not in his Kennel he was "cool" to strangers, dominant, but not aggressive. Most people were impressed by his attitude. When he looked at other aggressive barking dogs, they stopped barking.

Q2. What was he like at biting? What type of biter was he?

He had a strong powerful bite. The longer he bites on a decoy man, the stonger his bite got. His bite was always without any noise.

Q3. What was his pain tollerance like? How hard would you have to puinsh him before he would let go of the decoy etc?

Unbelievable, I can't tell you how hard, because otherwise I have to go to jail. But seriously, the dog had trouble with giving up on all things because of his dominancy. With a kind of a dog that Duco was, you have to know things about behaviour in a psycologocal kind of way. But on the other hand sometimes you have to be hard to him but always remain calm yourself. When you are getting aggressive the dog will also be angry.

Q4. Was he a happy to please dog in obedience training?

No, he liked it when you talk to him and lay your hand on a pleasant way to him by stroking. But when you gave him a ball for instance he would tear it apart.

Q5. How old was he when he died and what did he die from?

He was 10 years and died on cancer.

Q6. What was he like as a young puppy? Did you know when you got him as a puppy that he would be so good, or was he slow to mature and show his true character?

I got him when he was seven months. The people where I got him from couldn't handle him and thought he was crazy and dangerous. But he was an intelligent dog, with a brave heart and a lot of courage. I knew from the beginning that it was a special dog, because his mother and father and his whole bloodline were giving very strong offspring.

Q7. Was he more police dog or more sport dog?

He was only police dog. How harder the circumstances, the better he was.

Q8. How many breedings did he have, and what are some of the problems you can get by breeding too close on him?

He bred about 130 times, with about 40 different female dogs. He has about 1100 offsprings. The problems you can get by breeding too close on him are menthal and physical problems. It works the same as by human and other animals.

Q9. How tall and heavy was he?

He was about 64cm tall and around 40kg. He was very heavy muscled.

Q10 Who were his strongest sons?

Quite a few, so to hard to say. Many good sons an daughters.

Rico (Dhr. B. Hendrikx, Lage-Mierde)

BRN 2116

PH I 438 CL

Geb datum: 15.03.1995 († ??.09.2009)

Rico Hendrikx was a famous Duco II son. He was an exceptional KNPV Malinois, an extreme dog that earned respect due to his appearance and excellent character. He had an outstanding pedigree and was a proven producer. Rico died in September, 2009 at 14 years of age, due to a gastric torsion. His semen would be worth its weight in gold today.

Kwinto (Dhr. G. Pekel, Maasdijk)

BRN 1754

PH I 436 CL


Geb datum: 01.02.1997
Kwinto was not as open and social, as other Duco II offspring. It may have been due to the fact that he was a security service dog, or he inherited that trait form his dam. But his legendary status, as one of the best Duco II sons, still continues. Unfortunately, neither Duco II, nor any of his sons, were collected. But we did manage to collect semen from a few of his grandsons.

Max (Dhr. R. Weber, Deventer)

BRN 3737

PH I 425 CL
Obj. 312+24 C
Geb datum: 15.07.1998 († 25.03.2008)

Max Weber was originally owned by Hennie Schreur, who titled him to object bewaken (object guard). Max was an influential Duco II son, via his very popular son, Django Sommers.

Nick I (Dhr. C. Verhoeven, Siebengewald)

BRN 2441
PH I 423 CL
Diensthond Politie Nijmegen

Geb datum: 19.08.1999

Nick I's original owner Hennie Schreur stated we must never forget the importance of his dam, Kimmy Liebrand PH I 399½ C, "Kimmy was one of the best bitches I ever saw" Hennie also stated that Nick I, was the best Duco II son, with Rico Hendrikx and Kwinto Pekel coming second and third.

Not only did Nick I have a very good pedigree, Nick I was a real police dog as well. He was mated many times to different females, but the police never made it public. After retirement, Nick I was only used a few times because of his very dominant behaviour towards females, despite that he produced remarkably well and will be remembered as not only an excellent police dog, but an outstanding producer as well. We are very fortunate to own one of his last remaining daughters and frozen semen from one of his good sons.
Bono (Dhr. H.G. Pegge, Hengelo, Overijssel)
BRN 2467
PH I 440 CL
Participant in the 2002 Netherlands PH I Championship
Geb datum: ??.??.????
Bono Pegge is a dog that needs no introduction. His dam, Beppie I Kamphuis had a pedigree that you could only dream of today. Rambo Rossum bred to an Arras Derks daughter, produced her dam, Tika Verstegan. Tika was bred to Duco II to produce Beppie I. Beppie I was then bred to Marco Pegge to produce Bono. Both Bono and his sire Marco attained a perfect score of 440 out of 440 for their PH I certification.

Biwi (Dhr. D. Krider, Seymour, Missouri, USA)

BRN 10705

Teilnahme Landesmeisterschaft in Schleswigholstein 2006
Geb datum: 10.06.2002 († 01.08.2015)

Biwi was an exceptionally well bred out of a full brother-sister combination, between two Duco II grandchildren Bono Peggie x Biene Pegge.

Django (Dhr. T. van der Doelen, Velp)

BRN 4730
PH I 439 CL
PH II 454 CL

Geb datum: ??.??.???? († 00.05.2011)

Django Sommers was a Duco II grandson out of Max Weber x Cora Harmsen.

Nick II (Dhr. H.W. Schreur, Silvolde)

BRN 13265

Geb datum: 15.08.2005

Nick II was bred by Hennie Schueur from Silvolde, the Netherlands. He was linebred (3 - 4, 5) on Duco II. Nick II is a Max Weber son and Max Weber maternal great-grandson; a Django Sommers maternal-grandson and a Corrie Massop son.

To preserve Nick II's combination, we bred his son Bowie 24640 to his full sister Nicky 24592 in 2016. We retained a good male out of that combination. Rico 31120.

Here is a video of Nick II doing some bitework.

Nick II

Duco (Dhr. G. Pekel, Veenoord)

BRN 30449

Geb datum: 02.01.2006

Duco’s sire is the exceptional Kwinto Pekel PH I 436 CL. His dam, Elza PH I 429 ½ CL is out of Dino te Pas and Laika, a Duco II daughter. If you know your old school KNPV lines, it doesn’t get much better. Duco is therefore linebred (3 - 4) on Duco II.

This is a photo of Kwinto x Elza’s litter, that was born on the 02.01.2006

Here is a video of Dino te Pas doing some bitework.


We would like to thank Gerrit Pekel and Kees Planken for allowing us to purchase frozen semen from Duco.

Rico (Dhr. E. Vergossen, Koningsbosch)

BRN 17064

Geb datum: 15.03.2007 († 21.05.2013)

Rico Vergossen, along with his most notable brothers Kwinto Sommers, Rico te Lindert, Jochie Race and sister, Noa te Lindert, were well known for receiving the desirable Duco II and Rico Hendrikx traits. Rico Vergossen was a serious dog and earned respect for his dominant and courageous character. He stood 67 cm and weighed 42 kgs. The combination of Rico Hendrikx x Tessa Hendrikx was repeated four times and was a linebreeding on Duco II (3 - 5)

Jochie (Dhr. C. Race, Crawfordville FL, USA)

BRN 15819

PH I 424 CL

Geb datum: 20.09.2008

Jochie is a reasonable, social, one of a kind dog with perfect nerves and a well balanced character. A dominant dog with extreme working drives who handles pressure like no other dog. His biting on the KNPV suite as well as the IPO sleeve is hard and full, his attacks simply hard and solid. Jochie’s medical state is 100% (perfect teeth, X-rayed hips, elbows, back) like we’re used to from the Duco II line in general. …. Not the type of high ball-drive sport dog but for serious and experienced handlers. - Royal Police Dogs

"Johnny Ulrich managed to certify Jochie with 424 points CL on the 3rd of July 2011. A pity that Jochie didn't show his strong and extreme hard attacks as usual. Jochie is a social but extreme hard and difficult to train dog, Just a couple of handlers are capable of training dogs like this. The pressure on this dog was very high on the moment of certification even then hard to keep under control. Insiders will see the quality of this extreme mix Mallinois stud...BUT judge for yourself...Congratulations Johnny for this great job...Jochie: BRN 15819"

This is a video of Jochie’s PH I certification in the summer of 2011, Nieuw Dijk, the Netherlands.

Jochie 1

Here are four videos of Jochie training.

Jochie 2

Jochie 3

Jochie 4

Jochie 5

Barkus (Dhr. C.L. Planken, Hardinxveld-Giessendam)

BRN 20604

PH I 400 C

Dual Purpose Polce K9, South Dakota, USA

Geb datum: 08.04.2010

Barkus is a perfect blend of his sire and dam. Kees Planken from Kepa-Kennels was fortunate to use Nick I twice and stated the combination between Nick I x Puts, produced the best litter he ever bred. Unfortunately the female that Kees retained, tore a ligament in her knee and was subsequently put down.

Barkus' dam Puts van de Kepa-kennels PH I 419 CL was out of Luc x Tash, the most successful combination Jack Puts produced. She was an outstanding female and complete in every way.

Barkus retired in 2019 and now lives the good life in Florida. We would like to thank Kees Planken for allowing us to purchase frozen semen from Barkus.

Our Mothers Line

Bico (Dhr. M.W.C. Tielen, Egchel)

BRN 3686

Geb datum: 05.03.1997

Bico is a full sister to Arno van Tricht, a certified police surveillance dog, Diensthond Politie Tilburg. Arno’s son Cooper PH I 422 CL, Diensthond Politie Breda was also a Dutch police K9.

This is a video of Cooper's PH I certification.




Bico’s dam Cora Tielen was an Arras Derks daughter and her sire was Duco II. Bico is the maternal granddam of our foundation breeding female Tica I.

Corrie (Dhr. A.R.L. Massop, Lievelde)

BRN 8135
PH I 421 CL

Geb datum: 16.04.2004

Corrie Massop was an exceptionally well bred female. Not only was she a daughter of Django Sommers, Corrie was also line-bred on Duco II (4 - 3) and Duco II’s sire Arno te Brake (5 - 4, 5). To add to that, Corrie was then bred to a Duco II son to produce Nick II Schreur. Corrie was good at searching and retrieving.

Bonky BRN 25086, PH I 434, Diensthond Politie is the most accomplished Corrie Massop grandson. Bonky was a qualified police tracking K9 by 18 months of age. As you will see in the videos below, Bonky is exceptional at biting as well.

Bonky is at 6.00 minutes.

Bonky 2

Cilke (Dhr. M.W.C. Tielen, Egchel)

BRN 11261

Geb datum: ??.??.????

Cilke Tielen has Duco II as her maternal grandsire and is a direct daughter out Bico Tielen x Cody Huijs PH I 435 ½ CL. Cilke was bred to Nick I PH I 423 CL Diensthond Politie Nijmegen to produce our foundation breeding female Tica I.

Tessa (Dhr. B. Hendrikx, Lage-Miede)

BRN 14265

Geb datum: ??.??.????

Tessa was bred four times to Rico Hendrikx. Those four litters produced Kwinto Sommers, Rico Vergossen, Rico te Lindert, Jochie Race and sisters, Noa te Lindert, Kim and Makker, just to mention a few.

Tica I (Dhr. T.F. Da Silva, Blumenau, BRA)

BRN 20784

Geb datum: 22.07.2009

Tica I is a large, dominant female, with intense prey and possession. Tica I is linebred (3 - 4) on Duco II and one of the last remaining daughters out of Nick I PH I 423 CL Diensthond Politie Nijme. Her maternal grandsire is Cody Huijs PH I 435 ½ CL.

Cody was line-bred (2 - 4) on Ludo Jaanen PH I 429 CL, Diensthond Polite NTC and is therefore a half brother to Pico Jaanen, which came 4th in the 1995 PH I Championships. Cody's dam Becky van Och PH I 434 CL was out of Pico Jaanen x Tosca Embrechts, a triple-bred Oscar "Jalk" Berkelaar grand-daughter. His owner Ben Huijs stated that Cody was the best dog he ever owned. Cody was born on the 20.02.1998 and died when he was hit by a car on the 22.11.2010.

Bayko (Nick II x Tica I)


Bowie (Nick II x Tica I)


Spark (Rico x Tica I)

Spark 1

Spark 2 
Noa (Dhr. J.E. te Lindert, Keijenborg)
BRN 20441
PH I 418 CL (Arnhem, 24-05-2014)
Geb.datum: 27.09.2009
Noa te Lindert was a one-of-a-kind working malinois. She demanded respect, yet social. Her nerve strength made her reliable in any environment and would never hesitate in her work, and was a very tough extreme dog. Her dual purpose skills were given to her offspring through genetics. A known motherline producing excellent pups several generations in a row. She was known for producing three KNPV studs, and her genes live on in our breeding program. - JM Police Dogs

Here are three videos of Noa and her sisters.




Kira (Dhr. E.M. Castaneda, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA)
BRN 31121
Geb datum: 07.09.2017
Kira was our pick female out of Rico x Tica I. We bred her to Rico, from that combination we retained Tica II.

Tica II (Dhr. D. Krider, Seymour, Missouri, USA)
BRN 34187
Geb datum: 07.10.2018
Tica II was our pick female out of Rico x Kira. She inherited Rico's exceptional possession. We also bred her to Rico, from that combination we retained Hera.

Tica II 2
Hera (Dhr. T.F. Da Silva, Blumenau, BRA)
BRN 37731
Geb datum: 24.10.2019
Hera is our pick female out of Rico x Tica II. She has a balanced character, with good nerves, hardness and possession. She was bred to Rico's half brother Renzo, from that combination we retained Noa.

Hera's brother mantrailing @ 7 months of age.

Noa (Dhr. T.F. Da Silva, Blumenau, BRA)
BRN 41849
Geb datum: 27.04.2021
Noa is our pick female out of Renzo 39307 x Hera 37731. She is the most complete female l have seen, in 11 years of breeding KNPV Dutch Shepherds.

Renzo is a good dual purpose K9, that inherited his desirable searching traits, thru his paternal great-granddam Kayra. Kayra was out of a father-daughter combination between Boris x Bonnie. Both Kayra and Renzo were the only black and brindle in their litter.

Noa is linebred 41 x times on Duco II (5, 5, 6, 6, 7, 7, 8, 9, 9 - 7, 7, 7, 7, 7, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8, 9, 9, 9, 9, 9, 9, 9, 9, 9, 9, 9, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 11, 11)
Kayra was bred to Gibbs, a good biting type, retired SWAT K9. That combination produced Eddie, a 2 x USPCA champion and Furla.
Furla, was retained by her breeder Laz Cabrera from Police Service Dogs Inc. Florida, USA and bred to Jarno, a PH I titled, dual purpose K9. Jarno is a full brother to the exceptional hard hitting Lummel.
Jarno x Furla produced Arras II. Arras II inherited his old-school KNPV Dutch Shepherd phenotype from Rudie Pegge and Boris Doeze. I would like to thank Luciano Granado from Sao Paulo, Brazil for providing the 50% outcross with Arras II x Nicky. From that combination we retained Renzo.
Breeding Announcements for 2023
If you are looking for a special KNPV Dutch Shepherd, selectively bred for dual purpose police work. Noa will be bred to her full brother to preserve her exceptional character. This combination is out of our Renzo 39307 x Hera 37731 bloodline.

Only first and second pick male will be available from $2500 plus transportation from Florianopolis, Brazil. Females from our line are expensive and reserved for select individuals.

This combination is linebred 82 x times on Duco II (6, 6, 7, 7, 7, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8, 9, 9, 9, 9, 9, 9, 9, 9, 9, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 11, 11, 11, 11, 11, 11, 12, 12 - 6, 6, 7, 7, 7, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8, 9, 9, 9, 9, 9, 9, 9, 9, 9, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 11, 11, 11, 11, 11, 11, 12, 12)

Conditional Refundable Deposits

Deposits are taken on a first in line basis. However, your deposit is conditionally refundable if you are not satisfied with the outcome of the pup you have chosen. To reserve the opportunity of owning a world class working dog from these exceptional KNPV bloodlines, please contact Michael via Whatsapp on +5548 9924 3144


Please take into consideration, that the pup needs to fly out of Florianopolis, Brazil. For most overseas enquiries, a pup must be atleast 16 weeks of age before it is eligible to fly. Therefore the pup needs to be socialized and imprinted before it leaves our premises. That requires considerable time and effort.

Prices start from $1500 USD to Mexico @ 8 weeks of age and $2500 USD to the USA @ 16 weeks of age.

Our Guarantee

All our pups come with a full two year replacement guarantee, which covers both structural and genetic defects and also guarantees their working ability. In addition, they will be rigorously temperament tested and evaluated before they leave our premises. If you are not satisfied, simply return it to our location (at your expense) and it will be replaced with another pup from our next available litter.

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