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KNPV Dutch Shepherds


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We are a specialized breeder of KNPV Dutch Shepherds and Malinois', exclusively line-breeding on the legendary Duco II Seegers PH I 428 CL. Duco II was specifically chosen for his ability to produce real, driven service dogs that have high hunt, retrieve and possession.

"Duco was at home a calm dog but always dominant in his behaviour. He was never nervous. He had a very strong working drive but not in an aggressive kind of way. He was totally possessed by searching, retrieving and guarding objects. That character made him difficult to train in the KNPV program, because he had an autonomous character and did things on his own" - Rob Seegers

"I saw Duco work on a number of occasions. He was a very complete dog. Duco had excellent drives, and retrieving. He was a very tough dog, with a very high pain tolerance. This made him excellent for police work. He was the type of dog you could take him into a bar fight and if someone hit him with a chair or two, he wouldn’t even flinch. He produced this also in his pups. He gave very heavy strong dogs with short coats and big heads. I like his type a lot. He also produced extreme drive for the bitework, and this with his very high tolerances to corrections could make the offspring a bit hard to control in the bitework." - Gerben Kamphuis

We are not interested in producing sport dogs; our sole objective is to produce a family bloodline of service dogs that have genetically inherited the desirable attributes to hunt and apprehend a human. They must not display any hesitation to engaging in combat, have a crushing, forward pushing full quite grip and bomb proof nerves. Furthermore, those attributes must be inherent and not thru learnt behaviour; as learnt behaviour will not be inherited by successive generations.

If your intention, is to purchase an exceptional X-Malinois or X-Dutch Shepherd from 100% KNPV bloodlines, look no further, you've come to the right place. We are conveniently located near Florianopolis, Brazil and Los Angeles, USA, with an agent in the Netherlands.

KNPV Dutch Shepherds and Malinois'

Florianopolis, Brazil - Amsterdam, the Netherlands - Atlanta, USA

Specializing in balanced service dogs that are suitable for:

Military, Police and Security Service

All Aspects of Detection

Dual Purpose (detection and apprehension)

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Email: knpvdutchshepherds@hotmail.com

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