KNPV Dutch Shepherds


Welcome to KNPV Dutch Shepherds, Australia.

We are a specialized breeder of KNPV Dutch Shepherds, focusing on preserving the Rudie Pegge and Django Sommers bloodlines. These legendary males have proven to be some of the most versatile, within this breed.

“Rudie was an extremely high drive dog, with a very strong will to work. He was handler hard but not handler aggressive. Rudie was also what the Dutch call a "Flyer", making him a very exciting dog to watch in the courage tests. Rudie was also considered by many to be a stud dog of the highest quality, having been bred over 100 times already.”


After extensive years of research into re-producing and preserving the desirable traits within a particular bloodline, we are very confident that we will be able to provide a complete Dutch Shepherd. One that posesses an exceptional nerve threshold, extreme balanced drives and a tremendous will to work. Specifically focusing on producing service dogs with minimal handler aggression.


If you are serious in providing your personnel with the most comprehensive line of Dutch Shepherd, do not hesitate to contact us.