KNPV Dutch Shepherds


Welcome to KNPV Dutch Shepherds.

We are a specialized breeder of KNPV Dutch Shepherds and Malinois’, focused on preserving the Rudie Pegge, Django Sommers and Rico Hendrikx bloodlines.

These legendary males are arguably the most versatile within this breed of canine. After extensive years of research into re-producing and preserving the desirable traits within a particular bloodline, we are very confident that we will be able to provide a complete KNPV service dog. One that possesses an exceptional nerve threshold, extreme balanced drives and a tremendous will to work. Specifically focused on producing service dogs with minimal handler aggression.

We are located in Geelong, Victoria, Australia and Hilliard, Florida, USA as Tandem K9 Inc. Our Military Working Dog (MWD) veterans have first hand experience in providing you with the highest quality KNPV service dog available, from our family-bred bloodline of Dutch Shepherds and Malinois'.


If you are serious in providing your personnel with the most comprehensive line of KNPV service dog, do not hesitate to contact Michael Szita on + 61 410 175 151 or Dana Brown on + 1 540 623 8575. Alternatively you can email us at: